Cristina Mari

Cristina Mari
PhD Student
Room 34-H-48
+41 44 635 46 83


Cristina was born in 1986 in Milan, an Italian city full of stories and secrets. There, she attended elementary and secondary school. Because of her little madness, she decided to take up classical study at high school. In 2005, she passed her final exam and received her “Maturità classica”, after having studied ancient latin and greek for five years. Despite her classical “thoughts”, she decided to look after the scientific part of her mind and enrolled herself at the University of Milan to study Chemistry. She spent five years full of hard work and discoveries. During her Bachelor Thesis, she had also a three-months internship at the Stazione Sperimentale per i Combustibili, an Italian national research institute. She worked in the field of industrial safety, studying the thermal decomposition of azides.

During her Master thesis, she opted for an “organic” experience and worked on the conjugation of Peptide Nucleic Acid with peptides and Rhenium dinuclear complexes in the group of Prof. Emanuela Licandro and Prof. Stefano Maiorana. She graduated in October 2010 and spent another six months working on her thesis project.

In 2011, she decided to have an experience abroad to know different lifestyles and other ways to work than the ones she is used to. She enrolled for a PhD thesis at the University of Zurich in the Gasser group. She is currently working on the synthesis of new metal-containing PNA conjugates.

Cristina really likes to read books (historical, books fantasy novels and thrillers), to go to the cinema and to the theater. She also wants to keep fit and therefore often goes to the gym. She really likes to stay outdoors, most of all at the beach! She really enjoys skiing too. Her father is a great hiker (not like her) and her mother is an excellent cook (just like she would like to become).


2014 Best Oral Presentation Award at the Swiss Chemical Society Meeting in the division Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry.

2014 Best Oral Presentation Award at the Swiss Summer School in Chemical Biology at Villars-sur-Ollon (Switzerland).

2011 Poster Prize at EuroBIC 12.

2011 Premio di Laurea Marinella Ferrari Prize from the University of Milan rewarding a Master student with remarkable marks and an outstanding Master thesis.


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