• New article accepted in Chem. Commun.!

    Congrats to Riccardo for his new article that has been accepted in Chem. Commun. Another great collaboration with Bernhard Spingler from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Zurich (Switzerland).

  • Dr. Johannes Karges receives the ENSCR-René Dabard Award!

    Congratulations to Johannes, who has been recently awarded the ENSCR-René Dabard Award for the best PhD thesis in France. Fantastic achievement! A press release can be found here. https://www.chimieparistech.psl.eu/ecole/actualites/dr-johannes-karges-awarded-with-the-enscr-rene-dabard-prize/

  • Review accepted in Adv. Mat.

    Congratulations to Dr. Nancy for her review on the incorporation of Ru(II) polypyridyl complexes into nanomaterials for cancer therapy and diagnosis that has been just accepted in Adv. Mat.

  • New article accepted in Pharmaceutics!

    Congratulations to Dr. Nancy for her latest article on antimicrobial PDT that has been accepted in Pharmaceutics as part of a special issue on Metal-Based Drugs and Nanostructured Materials: New Trends in Bioactive Systems. Great collaboration with Christophe Thomas, Vincent Sol and Tan-Sothea Ouk.

  • Two new Doctors in our Group!

    Congratulations to Dr. Marie Flamme and Dr. Nancy Soliman, who recently passed their PhD exams. Marie did her PhD thesis in collaboration with Dr. Marcel Hollenstein at the Pasteur Institute and Nancy in collaboration with Prof. Christophe Thomas at Chimie ParisTech, PSL University. We wish both of them all the very best for their futures.

  • DFO* is coming closer and closer from clinical trials!

    Check out the latest article in Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imag. on the 89Zr chelator that our group and the one of Tom Mindt developed, DFO*. It shows its superiority over other chelators. Very promising!

  • Welcome back Asma!

    We are happy to welcome back Asma Mani from Tunis in our group as an exchange PhD student. She will stay until the end of February 2020 thanks to a Tunisian fellowship.

  • Welcome to Maria José!

    We are very happy to welcome Maria José Da Silva from the Gois group in Lisbon for a 6-month exchange in our group. Enjoy your time in Paris.

  • Welcome to Maria, Diana and João!

    We are very happy to welcome three new people in the group. Maria Dalla Pozza comes for a PhD thesis thanks to an ETN. Diana Diaz-Garcia comes for a 6-week PhD exchange from the group of Prof. Santiago Gomez-Ruiz. João comes for a post-doc thanks to a PSL Qlife grant. He will be working between … more