• New paper accepted in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

    Excellent news, our paper written in collaboration with Dr. Julien Furrer and Prof. Andrew Hemphill (University of Berne, Switzerland) has been accepted in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. This paper reports on the utilization of organometallic compounds to treat the parasitic disease Toxoplasma, which affects one third of the world population.

  • Welcome to Maggie!

    We are very happy to welcome our new post-doc from Australia, Maggie Auselbrook, who will be working on the 89Zr project in collaboration with Prof. Thomas Mindt from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut in Vienna (Austria)!

  • Welcome to Pamela!

    We warmly welcome Pamela Torres, who will help our group with all administrative duties. Welcome to our group!

  • New Article Accepted in Chem. Eur. J. as a VIP paper!

    Excellent news, our paper written in collaboration with the group of Prof. Hui Chao has just been accepted as a Very Important Paper (VIP). Big congratulations to Jeannine, Huaiyi, Adrian and Vanessa!

  • New Article accepted in ChemistrySelect!

    Excellent news, our collaborative paper with the group of Dr. David Haylock from the CSIRO (Clayton, Australia) has just been accepted in ChemistrySelect. Congratulations to Eu-jun and Cristina!

  • Gilles awarded the Jucker Prize 2016!

    Yesterday, Gilles was in Zurich to receive the Ernest Th. Jucker Prize 2016 from the Ernest Th. Jucker Foundation, Thalwil, Switzerland, in recognition for the work of his group on the development of novel metal complexes for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. This Foundation was founded in 1976 following the last will of Dr. … more

  • Welcome to Marta!

    Welcome to our new PhD student Marta, who will be the biologist of our new team! Enjoy your time in Paris!

  • Welcome to Scandeur!

    Welcome to our Scandeur Dahklaoui, who has started his Master thesis in our group in collaboration with the group of Prof. Clotilde Policar at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, PSL Research University.

  • Chem. Sci. Outstanding Reviewer

    Great honour for our group! Gilles has been recognized as an outstanding reviewer for the prestigious journal Chem. Sci. in 2016. Only 10 scientists worldwide have received such a certificate.