• Review Article accepted in Molecules

    Congratulations to Marie and Emma for their review article on the applications of ruthenium complexes covalently linked to nucleic acid derivatives which has been accepted in Molecules. This is the first article with the Hollenstein Lab at the Pasteur Institute.

  • Open Post-Doc Position

    There is an open post-doc position between the Thomas group and ours. Please see ad below. Post-Doc Ad

  • Interview of Gilles

    Watch the interview of Gilles at the University of Burgos!

  • New article accepted in J. Nucl. Med

    Congratulations to Marie and Maggie for their article which has just been accepted in J. Nucl. Med. This is the result of our long-standing collaboration with Prof. Thomas Mindt.

  • Welcome to Joe!

    We are very happy to welcome Joe Cowell, our new post-doc from the UK. Joe will be working on the preparation of novel chelators for 89Zr in collaboration with Prof. Thomas Mindt at the Medical University in Vienna (Austria).

  • Gilles among the 5% of the Reviewers for Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

    Excellent news, Gilles was among the top 5% of the reviewers for Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. in 2017!

  • Welcome to Luke!

    We are very happy to welcome Dr. Luke McKenzie, who is starting a post-doc between the group of Dr. Marcel Hollenstein at the Pasteur Institute and ours at Chimie ParisTech, PSL University. Luke is financed by the ARC Foundation (Agence de la Recherche contre le Cancer).

  • Congratulations to Saonli and Malay!

    Congratulations to our previous lab members Saonli and Malay for the arrival of their baby son Somrik. Best wishes to the three of them!

  • Johannes and Gilles in Stanford!

    Johannes and Gilles are currently spending 4 days in Stanford as part of a collaboration with the group of Prof. Hongjie Dai. This stay is funded by the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and PSL University.