• Congrats to Dr. Johannes and Dr. Anna!

    The group is very proud to have two new doctors in the group. Congratulations to Dr. Johannes Karges and Dr. Anna Notaro. Thanks for your hard and all the very best for your futures!

  • New article accepted in Dalton Trans.

    Congratulations to Mazzarine and Marta for their new article published in Dalton Trans. resulting from a nice collaboration with Prof. Hendrik Visser and Prof. Marietjie Schutte-Smith from the Free State University in South Africa.

  • Chem Review Article accepted!

    Our review article with Eszter Boros and Paul Dyson on the classification of metal-based drugs is now out in Chem! Check it out! https://www.cell.com/chem/fulltext/S2451-9294(19)30467-X

  • Welcome to Robin

    We are very happy welcome Dr. Robin Vinck as our new post-doc in our group thanks to a PSL Maturation grant. All the very best for your research! Make it happen as we say in the group 🙂

  • Nature Chem. article Accepted!

    Our first ever Nature Chem. article has been accepted. Fantastic collaboration with Prof. Peter Sadler, Prof. Hui Chao and Dr. Olivier Blacque. Congrats to Huaiyi and Sami! You can read more on this subject in the press release here

  • Welcome to Asma!

    We are very happy to welcome Asma from INSAT in Tunis for a 4-month internship! Enjoy your time in France!

  • Welcome to Ginés!

    We warmly welcome Ginés M. Esteban from the groups of Prof. Miguel Quiros and Prof. Manuel Sanchez from the University of Granada. Ginés will stay for 3 months in our group.

  • Two Patent Applications filed!

    Very good news for the group! Two patent applications have been just filed. Expect a few papers to be published in the near future! Congratulations to Anna, Angelo, Riccardo, Franz, Marta, Chloé, Johannes and Malay!

  • New article accepted in ChemBioChem!

    Congratulations to Marta and Johannes for their recent article accepted in ChemBioChem! This article is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Kristof Zarschler, Dr. Holger Stephan (both at the Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf) and Dr. Bruno Goud (Institut Curie, PSL University).