• Ice Skating – Cheese Fondue

    As part of our End of Year Celebrations, we went first ice skating. Kudo to Lin Yan, Anna and Max who were skating for this first time. We had then a cheese fondue. Pictures of the evening are available here

  • Gilles joins the Editorial Advisory Board of J. Biol. Inorg. Chem.

    Great honour for Gilles who joins the Editorial Advisory Board of J. Biol. Inorg. Chem.

  • Inorganics Article accepted!

    Congratulations to Johannes for his latest article accepted in Inorganics. This paper reporting on the use of Fe(II) complexes as anticancer agents and PDT photosensitizers is the result of a nice collaboration with Dr. Philippe Goldner from Chimie ParisTech, PSL University, CNRS, Institut de Recherche de Chimie ParisTech.

  • Chem. Rev. article accepted!

    Congratulations to Yih Ching and Saonli for their review that has just been accepted in Chem. Rev. on the use of metal complexes against Neglected Tropical Diseases. This is a review with our esteemed colleague Prof. Phil Andrews from Monash University (Australia).

  • Interview of Sarah!

    A nice interview of our new post-doc can be found here!

  • Interview of Gilles!

    You can find a little interview of Gilles here

  • New article accepted in Parasites & Vectors!

    Our article with Prof. Jennifer Keise has just been accepted in Parasites & Vectors. Congratulations to Valentin and Jeannine. If you want to see very cool SEM images of schistosomes “attacked” by organometallic compounds, then just look https://parasitesandvectors.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13071-018-3132-x

  • Welcome to Sarah!

    We are very happy to welcome our first Alexander von Humboldt post-doc Sarah Keller. Sarah has just finished a PhD thesis with Prof. Ed Constable at the University of Basel (Switzerland). Sarah will work on the preparation of organometallic compounds as antiparasitic agents.

  • Article accepted in J. Mat. Chem. B !

    Our work on the encapsulation of Re(I)-based PDT photosensitizers into core-crosslinked star polymer nanoparticles with Mikey Whittaker and Thomas Davis from  Monash University (Australia) and Stefano Ferrari from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) is now out in J. Mat. Chem. B.