Giuliana Mion

Giuliana Mion
Exchange Student
Room 34-H-40
+41 44 635 46 84


Giuliana was born in Maniago, Italy, on the 19th June 1988 but spent her childhood in Fanna, a small village in the north-east of Italy. There, she also attended elementary and secondary school. On June 2007, she received the scientific high school qualification.

To attend university, she moved to the beautiful and windy city of Trieste. In October 2012, she obtained a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology after having performed a master thesis in pharmaceutical chemistry. Besides having fun in the chemistry labs during the five years at the university, she had also performed a six-month internship in a pharmacy. In November 2012, she got the professional habilitation for pharmacist.

Giuliana is currently a second year PhD student in the groups of Prof. Enzo Alessio and Dr. Teresa Gianferrara at the University of Trieste working on the synthesis of porphyrins and their conjugation with metal complexes for photodynamic therapy purposes. In January 2013, she joined the Gasser group as an exchange PhD student. In Zurich, Giuliana will link her porphyrins to targeting peptides.

Beside chemistry, Giuliana likes walking in the nature and doing sports.