Luiz Fernando dos Santos

Luiz Fernando dos Santos
Exchange PhD Student
Chimie ParisTech
PSL University
Institute of Chemistry for Life and Health Sciences
Laboratory for Inorganic Chemical Biology
+33 1 85 78 41 53

Luiz Fernando was born in 1993 in Guaíra in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Chemistry at the University of São Paulo in 2016. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo under the supervision of Prof Dr. Rogéria Gonçalves. Luiz is currently working at Chimie ParisTech under the supervision of Philippe Goldner and Gilles Gasser thanks to a scholarship granted by FAPESP – Brazil. Luiz likes to listen to music, watch movies, talk with different people from different cultures and make new friends.


2021: Young Presenter Award, International Conference on Luminescence – ICL 2020. Changchun, China.


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