Saonli Roy

Dr. Saonli Roy
Post-doctoral Fellow
Room 34-H-40
+41 44 635 46 83


Saonli was born and brought up in Chandrakona, a very small town in West Bengal, India. During her school days, she became interested in science. After her high school, she realized her passion for chemistry and decided to continue her study in that branch of science. She obtained her bachelor degree in chemistry (Honours) from Midnapore College (Vidyasagar University) in 2005. Afterwards, she joined the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-R), which is situated in the northern part of India.

After completing her MSc/Chemistry in November 2007, she moved to Germany in January, 2008 to pursue her doctoral study in the group of Prof. Wolfram Sander, Organic Chemistry II, Ruhr University Bochum. There she worked on the topic “Interaction of aromatic radicals with small molecules: matrix isolation and computational studies”. After finishing her PhD in March 2013, she continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the same research group until February, 2014. During her postdoctoral stay, she investigated one of the important atmospheric reactions, the oxidation of benzyl radical relevant to the development of models for the highly complicated combustion process of aromatic compounds.

In March 2015, Saonli started working as a postdoctoral associate in the group of Dr. Sugumar Venkataramani, IISER Mohali, India. There she worked on the “Design, synthesis and studies of molecular photoswitchable functional materials”.

Since June 2016 Saonli is a postdoctoral associate in the Gasser group, Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich. She is currently working in the field of medicinal inorganic chemistry.

Apart from chemistry, She enjoys cooking, reading short stories and listening good Indian music. Recently she found her interest in swimming also.


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