Sara Benetti

Sara Benetti
Msc Students
Chimie ParisTech
PSL University
Institute of Chemistry for Life and Health Sciences
Laboratory for Inorganic Chemical Biology
+33 1 85 78 41 53

Sara was born in Lucca (Italy) in 1998. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 2020 and is about to complete her Master Degree in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Pisa, in Italy.

Her strong passion for discovering new cultures and learning new languages has led her to Paris Chimie Tech, where she is currently completing her traineeship.

Her master’s thesis work consists in the synthesis of new diiron compounds that have a potential anticancer activity. While the compounds were synthetized in Pisa in Prof. Marchetti’s group, she is now in Paris to conduct in vitro studies on cells to verify their antiproliferative and antimetastatic activity.

Sara has a lot of other interests and hobbies as well. She loves animals (cats in particular) and reading good books. But she also loves traveling and admiring new places all around the world.